The work of the UTA

The UTA was set up in 2007, and our overriding aim is to protect and promote the Drug Tariff as the preferred mechanism to support research, innovation and development in the urology industry as well as protect patient choice and access to products. This has been the UTA’s position since it was first established during the Department of Health’s consultation on the revision of Part IX of the Drug Tariff.

The UTA was immensely successful in its campaign on Part IX, establishing a working relationship with the Commercial Directorate at the Department of Health and a core group of parliamentary supporters through which many of the UTA’s concerns about the Part IX proposals were accommodated by the Department of Health in its final proposals.

“Our overriding aim is to protect and promote the Drug Tariff as the preferred mechanism to support research, innovation and development in the urology industry”

Since the Part IX Regulations were brought into force from 1st April 2010, the UTA actively pursues other related areas of interest, or concern, for the industry as well as ensuring that the Part IX Regulations are fully implemented and adhered to.

The UTA has a strong relationship with a number of patient organisations representing conditions that rely heavily on urology products. Through the Urology User Group Coalition, the UTA ensures that the patient voice is heard in relevant policy debates and that the UTA’s messages correlate with the best interests of patients as well as industry.

The UTA has engaged the Whitehouse Consultancy, a public affairs consultancy, to provide the Secretariat and support its dealings with the Government, Department of Health and the wider stakeholder network through a programme of ongoing lobbying activity

Overview of key services for UTA members

  • Provide daily monitoring and intelligence gathering service to all members on policy announcements and developments, including in-depth analysis of how they affect UTA members and suggested next steps
  • Conduct specific research for members on policy developments and legislation
  • Draft position papers, briefing notes and correspondence to communicate the UTA’s key messages
  • Draft consultation responses to Select Committee inquiries, Government policy papers and legislation
  • Draft parliamentary materials, including oral and written questions and Early Day Motions
  • Deliver engagement programme with MPs,  Peers, Civil Servants, NHS Officials and Bodies and wider stakeholders
  • Maintain and strengthen the UTA’s parliamentary supporter base through regular contact and briefing
  • Assist members with parliamentary engagement at a local level
  • Represent the urology sector on Department for Health working groups, including Appliance Contractor Representative Group
  • Represent the urology sector on the Drug Tariff Committee
  • Liaise with other medical technology trade associations, including BHTA and ABHI where appropriate
  • Provide Secretariat support to the Urology User Group Coalition – a group of patient associations and urology product user groups that work closely with the UTA
  • Host and facilitate quarterly membership meetings

The UTA’s current programme of activity includes, but is not limited to, communicating key messages in relation to:

  • NHS Procurement policy at local level and competition in regards to wholesalers
  • Use of restrictive formulary arrangements to guide prescription at local level
  • NHS Supply Chain procurement
  • Market access and innovation
  • DAC licenses and barriers to entry
  • Navigating the new NHS following the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act

The UTA is a democratic association that openly invites the contribution of all members through regular contact and quarterly membership meetings, during which the Association’s work programme is discussed and members shape and guide the Association’s priorities.